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The Canlis Crab Shack: an outdoor restaurant in our parking lot featuring buckets of crab, icy beverages and cocktails on draft , luxury commodes on wheels and copious amounts of hand sanitizer . Bibs provided. Masks required and bucket hats available for purchase.

$59.95 per person.

The best restaurant these days is the safest restaurant.

Here’s what we’re doing to stay clean, sanitized, and fight the monster.

Social Distancing
This entirely outdoor restaurant has been specifically built to accommodate a minimum of six feet between seated guests. Our team will go out of their way to give you space and we will greatly minimize the number of staff serving any given table.
Will be worn by our staff at all times. Guests without masks will not be allowed into the restaurant and must wear them when not seated at the table. Gloves will be worn by our staff whenever handling food, drinks, and plates and are changed frequently.
Are taken and logged daily for all staff members. Guests will also be temp-checked before entry to the Crab Shack. No guests with a temperature over 100.4F will be admitted, nor anyone in their party. The reservation will be cancelled and the entire party fully refunded.
Sinks are provided for guests both inside and outside of restrooms. Crab shack staff are required to frequently wash their hands during shifts.
All tables have built-in hand sanitizer pumps and are wrapped in polyurethane to enable the highest level of cleaning between seatings.
Smiling ☺
100% authorized and at times absolutely necessary to maintain sanity and remind each other that we’re all in this together.


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